Vote For My Makeover

I need your opinion. I want a fresh new look, and I’m ready for change. Yesterday I found a website that, for a fee, will let you upload your picture and try out cuts, color, and even beards if you have to deal with that. I’ve narrowed it down to the seven.

Blonde, surprisingly, looked great- at least, to me it did. Violet wasn’t bad, either. I’m not ready for red. I tried out hundreds, and I’ve narrowed it down. Your vote counts!

My current look.

7 thoughts on “Vote For My Makeover

  1. jemkagily says:

    Hi Debbie-

    Julie Z. sent me to you…I favor quite a funky look myself and am a veteran of 1,000 hair colors, so factor that in when I tell you that my favorite was #2. Fun! But if you need a more practical do, number 3 really suits you. Fresh and do-able on a daily basis. Good luck with the makeover, brave girl!

  2. birdchick says:

    I like number 3, short and sweet.

    Another thing to consider if you are going for a whole new look is another set of glasses so you can go super sassy some days or professional with the pair you have now.

    Can’t wait to see which way you go.

  3. KatDoc says:

    Hi Debbie, you don’t know me, but Julie suggested I come over and vote. This is a neat idea, and you are very brave for doing it.

    Your look is a little like mine: dark brown hair, thick and curly (Dare I say “frizzy?” Well, on a humid day, anyway, I’d bet) with a high forehead and glasses. Given that I think high foreheads look best with a little bit of bangs to break them up, and given that I don’t like hair in my eyes (“You’re such a pretty girl, now get that hair out of your face.”) I’d vote for Number 5. It looks easy to do, cool on a hot day, and not prone to “bad hair days.”

    Auburn or chestnut highlights look great in my hair; I bet they would in yours, too. I think my eyebrows are too dark for me to go blonde. Why no photos of violet hair? If I didn’t work in a field where I am expected to look “professional,” I might like to try a radical hair color like purple. No green, though!


  4. Zeladoniac says:

    Here’s an update on my makeover: I’ve been to two hairdressers for consultations (a very good idea!). The first one confessed that he’s a long-hair specialist, and recommended that I keep the length and go with a rich, deep black color. We smiled, shook hands and parted amicably. The next one was someone I’d met in a gallery who kindly said about my hair “I could do something about that” and gave me his card. We consulted. He’s going to take off most of it and weave caramel highlights throughout. I have an appointment with him midway through the month to do the deed and I PROMISE to take lots of pictures and post them here. Stay tuned!

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