A Good Day

I have reason to feel pretty good today: I put the final touches on the biggest painting I’ve ever tackled. The Elasmosaur is complete, and I would love to put up some pictures of him here but the museum has asked that he be kept under wraps until the exhibit opens in June, alas. But it’s a fine piece and I’m proud of it. As a final touch, I sent bubbles streaming from the Elas’ open mouth, made with the ends of a soda straw, a coffee stirrer and a test tube dipped in paint and pressed to the painting’s surface. A good technique if you ever need to make bubbles.

And thank you to everyone who voted on my makeover; I’m getting a good idea of what makes my head look presentable. As someone mentioned changing the glasses, I’ll mention that I have a second pair of “arty” frames to wear to openings and anywhere I have to look hip. It really is a great way to change your look. Unfortunately they are a little narrow to use with binoculars so I use a more normal pair for everyday. I’ll be sure to post pics after I get the new do.

Here are a couple of new paintings I finished this week as well for a show. They are from my Australia sketchbook (August 2006) and include the field notes that went with the sketches. These are small, just 12″ x 10″. I’m starting a series, more on this later.

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