A Clean Shiny Fresh Start

This is my shiny fresh new start for the new year: a new home for my blog, and a clean and tidy studio. Not to whine about it too much, but Blogger has fewer capabilities, is harder to use, and goes down a lot. ‘Nuff said about that. And as for my studio, well, you should have seen it before.
paint stand all organized
One of the best ways to start a year is to make your workspace more efficient and, well, tidier. Critical mass had been reached, I had a small square of clear space around my feet and cascading piles of paper, paints and junk everywhere. The day before New Year’s Eve was spent clearing out the flotsam, getting rid of a piece of equipment (a lucigraph) that was taking up too much real estate, dumping the remains of an old project, and rearranging the furniture. The results are energizing, refreshing and a studio I can’t wait to come into every day and get to work in. Big overhaul once a year: highly recommended.

The Drawing Spot

4 thoughts on “A Clean Shiny Fresh Start

  1. Julie Zickefoose says:

    Will you please come and clean my studio? I love this new bloglook. Was the Kopykake the big space-taker you moved? Mine lives in the guest room…

    Blog on, sister!


  2. Janet Wilkins says:


    I just read your piece in the GNSI Newsletter about blogging for artists. I love the idea … why didn’t I think of it? This has been my first opportunity to actually check out your blog so, I must admit, I did get a little bit confused by your “move.”
    I’ve just finished earning my Bachelor’s degree (yes, a bit late in life … I’m considered to be a “nontraditional age” student). I used to do a lot of nature photography and art, entering exhibits and so on. I also did illustrations, typesetting and editing for book publishers. It has been awhile since working full-time, I have continued sort of “hit or miss” fashion so, now I’m looking for ways to get back onto the scene.

    So … now, you would recommend WordPress instead of Blogger?

    Thanks for the great article and some additional input on your move?!


  3. zeladoniac says:

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks for your comments…as requested, additional input on the move added in the latest post. Blogging is an easy way to put your work in front of many interested eyes. Good luck with yours if you decide to try it!

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