On the Road

wine bar

This will be have to be a quicky post, we are in Berkeley for a few days and family, friends and food, in that order. Writing the Blog has been kicked off the schedule for the most part, but I’m sneaking it in before breakfast (at Bette’s Ocean View cafe, if anyone is familiar with Berkeley). Berkeley enables the dedicated foodie to go nuts, with great restaurants, gourmet shops and even supermarkets that cater to the picky eater.
Right now I’m in the cafe downstairs at the French Hotel in the “gourmet ghetto” in North Berkeley, over a tall latte with a smiling face decorating the foam on top (talented barristas they got here) and a large fresh-squeezed orange juice, all helping me recover from the wine bar we enjoyed last night, tasting a number of wonderful rare wines and finishing off with a glass of  champagne.

Today we head up to Point Reyes for the day, with binoculars and watercolor kit and camera. The most beautiful place I know. I feel a little guilty knowing that my friends back in Oklahoma are enduring a nasty ice storm. I’ll try not to rub it in when I get back.

One thought on “On the Road

  1. Julie Zickefoose says:

    Oh my God, don’t let me anywhere near that wine dispenser. Please. Dandy new look for the blog! I’ll be watching!


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