Cabinet of Curiosity

Here’s a site which will speak to the neo-Victorian oddity-appreciator in you, the Hairy Museum of Natural History, wherein you’ll find the exquisite paleoart of Ray Troll,  the poignant Story of the Coelophysis Madonna, and an especially comforting Evolutionist’s Prayer:

Out of the ooze came the most ancient ones,
the Archaea, which begat two great houses:
the prolific Bacteria,
and the complex Eukarya.
After many generations many Eukarya did assemble
And from that meeting three families grew:
the sun-loving Plants,
the recycling Fungi,
and the unrooted Animals…

You must check out, by the way, Ray Troll’s Evolvovision. It’s must-see TV for all modern hominids.


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