Long Day Slogging Over A Hot Painting

Well, at least it kept me warm on a cold day. I’m about to go watch Philadelphia Story for about the fifth time, so I’ll make this short. Here are a couple of pics of the Crinoid painting as it looked about 5pm today when I washed my brushes and called it a day.

crinoid painting ongoing

I’m mostly focusing on the foreground today- a nice silty floor for the holdfast of the giant crinoid. The goniatite is beginning to come to life. More mañana. A great movie and a glass of wine awaits.

goniatite and crinoid holdfast

2 thoughts on “Long Day Slogging Over A Hot Painting

  1. MC says:


    Thanks for commenting at my weblog. As brains are my main interest, it seemed natural to quote the bit about neurology.

    In answer to your question, Semir Zeki has done a lot of work in the area that he calls “neuroaesthetics”. His lab website contains much of his literature on the subject:


    (In the “Reviews” and “Papers” sections.)

    I’m sure you’ll find something interesting there.


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