Art, Science, Poetry and Those Darned Computers

Ocellated Antbirds in the Rain

Did I mention I finished 4 paintings this week? Including this one?

Okay, minor tearing out of hair and rending of clothes but I’ve gotten back into my blog. This week I moved from my powerbook to a nice new imac (well, slightly used), and WordPress won’t recognize me from there. I have a feeling that the problem is with the imac and the fact that I’m not the primary user in the hierarchy- we can examine that statement but let’s not. The upshot is that if I want to do any blogging, it’ll be from here on the good old powerbook. Which is okay, of course, but there’s a lot of maddening file shifting to do. Suggestions from technophiles are always welcome.

In any case, I’ve made good headway on the latest series of paintings and have finished up four, a personal best in efficiency. And it’s been a very literary week for me as well. The Wordchaser created a wondrous found poem of bird notations and imagery at I and the Bird #49; it’s an honor to have been able to contribute a line to this noble ode. Science has made its way back into this space: with  Collecting Oklahoma  opening June 16th at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, an absolutely fabulous plesiosaur website has posted an article on the Making of the Elasmosaurus, part 1. This site has great information and research, and was an important reference for me when I was working on the giant paleozoic reconstruction painting project, and Adam Smith draws a fine Plesiosaur himself. And, wow, there’s even a store- one-stop shopping for all your plesiosaur needs. Life gets better and better. Now if I can figure out my imac…

One thought on “Art, Science, Poetry and Those Darned Computers

  1. Mike says:

    Antbird in back: “She’s kvetching about her computer again.”.
    Antbird in front: “Wish it would stop raining.”.
    Antbird in back: “Do you ever, like, *listen* to me anymore?”.

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