Sun Comes Out, Flowers Bloom, Birds Sing

After the Storm

See the rainbow?

It’s NOT raining, hasn’t been for a few days, and it’s finally dried out enough to get the mower (fixed) mowing. It’s an unbelievable year for wildflowers as you can see from these pics of the barn buried in Virginia creeper, Monarda punctata, and Rudbeckia. I’m in two shows in the next two months, one in the Oklahoma City Underground, a curiously sci-fi sounding pedestrian tunnel system beneath our fair city which has been recently upgraded and revamped, and now includes shops and an art gallery, soon to be hosting Traveling Through Artist’s Eyes, July 19th through October 5, 2007. The other show, titled The Passionate Menagerie, is opening August 3 (please plan on joining me there if you’re in town!) from 6 to 9pm, is at JRB Art at the Elms Gallery in the Paseo in Oklahoma City. It will feature a lot of my tropical bird paintings in acrylics and in pastels, and also a good bunch of four-legged subjects. Many drawings as well as paintings, and perhaps a few block prints. I carved up another block today and I think I will proof it this afternoon. Here’s the image, a bluegray gnatcatcher perched in a crape myrtle, right now blooming in my garden. I drew the flowers directly onto the block (while standing in the hot sun), then added in the little gnatcatcher, which I’d sketched earlier near the same spot.

bluegray gnatcatcher in crape myrtle, carved block
It’s funny, but I think the block is pretty just like this!

Mike Mows Good

Mighty Mowin’ Mike


Rudbeckia, trumpetvine, Bartlett pear tree

monarda and the barn

Rudbeckia, Monarda, and a freshly-painted barn

2 thoughts on “Sun Comes Out, Flowers Bloom, Birds Sing

  1. Sherrie Y says:

    Absolutely, the blocks themselves are beautiful. I’ve had several people ask me about framing up the “used” blocks as art in themselves. I keep thinking about it, but haven’t figured out a graceful way to strike them before doing so.


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