All That Water Adds Ups To A Lot


This is not Niagara Falls– it’s an earthen dam on a small private lake in our neighborhood that’s been eroding away after last night’s big storms. The rain gauge in our yard registered 5 1/2″ last night, our own personal record. It was a noisy, flashy series of deluges and kept us awake a good part of the night, when around 3am a huge crash of lightning close by knocked out the power which didn’t get restored until after 10:30 this morning, when those wonderful folks from OEC sent out a big truck and crew to get it going again. One problem here when the power goes out: besides the AC and the lights, the pump doesn’t run and we are without water for the duration. Ironic, isn’t it?
We hope this dam holds up until the rains slack off and they can make repairs. It’s on Reynolds Lake, on Rock Creek Road just west of 180th in Little Axe, OK, about a mile from us to the west. We are lucky, and lucky to be very safely out of the way.

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