I’m SO Loving My T-Shirt!

Remember this style-n-beauty blogpost?

Announcing the Grand Opening of the Motmot Mercantile! You may have noticed the little badge over to the right in the sidebar- it links to an all-new online shopping experience in my Cafe Press-hosted store. All the designs are made from original artwork, on products you just know you’re gonna want, and all just a click away.

Drew these tanagers from a hammock in Panama; who’d of thought I was working at the time?

The swell thing about having a shop with Cafe Press is that they do all the manufacturing, packing, shipping, and customer services, including the financial end of things. All I have to do is make up cool designs for the tote bags, mugs, refrigerator magnets and other essentials of a quality lifestyle. I invite you to browse. And one other nice thing- it’s easy to add products and designs, so if there’s something you would like to have, just let me know! Thanks for looking!

Birding: a real team sport. Design inspired by this.

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