Off To The North


Our little cottage in the woods for the next six months-look: it’s even got a front porch.

It’s healthy to change the scenery from time to time; that’s what travel does so well for you. Travel is one thing and relocation is another. This isn’t quite a move, because it’s only for half a year. We’re leaving almost everything behind us and taking only what we need. Our place in the woods is furnished. We’ll bring whatever is important for creativity and exploration.

Tomorrow we are driving to Massachusetts, where Mike will spend his sabbatical and I’ll help him get settled in for a few days before returning to Oklahoma. For another month I’ll finish up my projects, close shop, ship a small part of my studio and hop a plane myself. The car is packed tight with mostly Mike’s stuff: a microscope, glass-topped wooden boxes filled with pinned ants, collecting gear, books, field guides, a big flat-screen computer monitor. The detritus of a scientific life.

What am I taking? The bare essentials of an artistic one: a sketchbook, a small watercolor kit and a few brushes, a tiny camera, binoculars, warm clothes in a little duffel, a laptop and a banjo. We’ll even have time to play music up there. I’ll take more with me when I go up again for the long haul, but for now, it’s all I need to keep me happy.

The Motmot will be on the road until next week.

7 thoughts on “Off To The North

  1. cantueso says:

    Have a nice time, Motmot! That little house is just right for you, though it is not made of Gingerbread, is it? Wonderful.

    I keep looking to see whether you would look out of one of those windows. — I wonder whether you forgot to pack the bird feeder because I am sure that the porch is meant for your feathered friends to congregate. I have re-read your packing list and indeed….!

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