L.A. Stories

Warm sand, blue sea: Paradise Cove in Malibu.

A quick family visit on the West Coast, where the sun was shining (mostly), the temperatures were mild (dress in layers) and the food was excellent (try the blackened mahi mahi with mango salsa and you’ll enjoy that with a little pinot grigio). Lunched on seafood with the folks and afterwards retired to wooden chairs under umbrellas for a quiet bit of digestion. Drowsy, pleasant low-key beach conversation with Dad: priceless.

Arid steep peaks overlooking a riparian valley. Easy to imagine coyotes, mountain lions, feral burros.

An Easter afternoon hiking in the rocky hills rising above the burgeoning metropolis. A high scenic perch from which to sit and gab with my sister about life, the universe, and everything: awesome.

Art and lunch at the Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades.

A day of art and antiquities at the Getty Museums. The Getty Villa is a reconstruction of an ancient Roman villa and houses a magnificent collection of Greek, Roman and Etruscan art. Admission is free. Lunch is excellent and the formal gardens lovely. Highly recommended.

Roughly how I looked after all that good food and wine. Getty Museum.
Roughly how I felt after all that good food and wine. Getty Museum, Malibu.

The Getty Museum is down the coast a bit from the Villa, is far larger and of a modern design, quite magnificent. There’s a walking garden that zigzags you down the hill, back and forth across an artfully artificial watercourse planted with blocky boulders and strange succulents, ending in a watery amphitheater with a floating azalea maze at the center. Great and glorious art collection within travertine-clad walls. Admission is free. Being edified with family and friends: matchless.

Bazillion dollar view from the Getty Museum
Bazillion dollar view of Megalopolis at the Getty Museum.
Rebar trees with bougainvillea blossoms. I might try this at home.
Rebar trees with bougainvillea blossoms. Almost an Okie garden concept. I like this so much I might try it at home.
Azalea knot on the pond at the Getty. Mallard ducklings were in there, lost in the maze.
Azalea knot, not quite in bloom, on the pond at the Getty. Mallard ducklings were paddling and peeping in there, lost in the maze.

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