Why I Never Write

Our little getaway in Santa Fe

I’m in a post-show phase here where I’m out of stuff to really talk about, although I manage to pop onto Facebook about once a day and quack, which is what I think one does when one isn’t tweeting. I hope I can get this out of my system but in the meantime I hope you’ll forgive the long pause. I’ve actually been writing non-stop but it’s not all that blog-worthy.

The view from a cliff dwelling, Bandelier National Monument

With your kind indulgence I’ll just post some nice pictures from a lovely few day get-away in New Mexico. I did some sketches around Santa Fe and Bandelier National Monument, including one watercolor from the mouth of a cave dwelling on the side of a cliff. That’s a beautiful place and worth a trip. And then there’s the most fabulous art store in town, Artisans, where I nearly fainted with joy just seeing the pastel selection. I came out of there with colors all over my face from trying to pinch myself.

Chili Roaster at Santa Fe Farmer's Market
Our sweet little Casita with its walled garden and hollyhocks, just like my grandparents in Taos used to grow.

We rented a little cottage on a side street near the Railyard and from there could walk everywhere. Canyon Road was a good morning in art for us, more or less. I looked at art while Ant Man drank tea and read a book. Dinner was simple and featured tequila.Dinner at the Cowgirl outside on the patio.

Fall colors of New Mexico: chamisa in bloom

A hike on the Audubon trails featured flocks of evening grosbeaks and singing Townsend’s solitaires.

We also made the pilgrimage to High Country Gardens, a world-class nursery. Ant Man and I stocked up on salvias, lavenders, artemesia and asters; nice silver and purple additions to the Motmot garden color scheme back home. A Prius will hold a lot of plants and long drives are made better with all that scented oxygen coursing through one’s lungs. A vacation is a lovely thing no matter where you go.

Hope you’re all doing well, too.

Birdwatching in Santa Fe.

14 thoughts on “Why I Never Write

  1. sarah says:

    Wonderful sketches. I grew up in Albuquerque, and I’m torn between wanting to live there and wanting to live here in Oklahoma. Your pictures make my heart ache!

  2. Becky says:

    Thanks for posting! Your drawings (and adventures) have been missed. Am glad to hear I’m not the only one who reacts to Artisans with child-like glee. And driving back with all that scented oxygen has to be a true joy. I agree with Muriel: any little sketch, etc., is worth stopping by. Thanks!

  3. Ken Januski says:

    I’m sure they must be more common in the Southwest but I have to say that for me this is the first time ever that I’ve seen an art work with a chili roaster as its subject! We dry garden grown New Mexico, Anaheim and Poblano chilis each fall in our dehydrator. There is no better aroma to waft through a house, except perhaps baking bread, or actual roasting chilis.

    View from a cliff dwelling watercolor is great. And no words needed to accompany it!

  4. Mr. Hawki says:


    I like your sketches. I am also an artist, paint, write, record music. I am about to go for two weeks to Iquitos. Mostly I will be near the city, though I intend on going for a one day trip in to the jungle. I am wondering what kind of clothing one should wear and if you did or did not take the pills the cdc suggests for yellow fever and malaria and if you did whether you recommend doing the same.

    Peace & Dynamism, Mr. Hawki

  5. 100swallows says:

    Some day your notebooks will be worth a fortune. Such great drawings,watercolors, and notes. I agree with Seb about the bird on the street lamp, though I don’t see any raven around here and it reminds me of a starling. Sargent wouldn’t have done that view from the cliff better–and I thought he was unequaled in watercolors.

  6. zeladoniac says:

    Mr. Hawki, on Iquitos, I did take all the suggested regimens- shots for typhoid and yellow fever and hepatitis, and took the malaria pills, too. I’m not one to mess around with my liver except after 5 with a bit of rum (in the tropics). The rule of thumb in the jungle is to cover everything you don’t want bitten. I followed that more or less but couldn’t abide long sleeves and wore a tank top to sketch in the field. That was fine until I got home and discovered I was hosting a pair of botfly larvae (which I named Itchy and Scratchy) in my back. Enjoy Iquitos- it’s a hoot-and be sure to take a ride on one of the mototaxis while you’re there. For posts on these topics go to:
    And 100Swallows- you are much too kind- Sargent would have taken that cliff dwelling in three brush strokes and blown it out of the water with brilliance. (and thank you for the lovely compliment!).

  7. Angela says:

    Thank you for posting these sketches! They are beautiful and inspiring. I was also able to finally get to your exhibit at SNOMNH today and loved it. I appreciated the little exhibit case of your gear too–I’m always wondering what people use and am now on a mission to get some of those triangle pencils. I was also wondering if you were missing the boots in there! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    One of my frustrations when sketching is trying to capture things that are moving, like my children (even sleeping) or birds. Any tips, aside from taking a picture?

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