Let Me Read You Some of My Poetry

I’m getting my new website ready to launch (stay tuned), writing grant proposals, looking for gallery representation (your recommendations welcome) and in general burning a short candle at both ends. But in a fun way. But not fun enough to write about, in my opinion. And although I’ve long cringed at the thought of sharing my poetry, in sheer desperation for something to share I dug into the vault and pulled out (covered with lint and old gum) a small creative effort of the past.

Talk about small. On a long flight from here to somewhere else, with no reading material and worse, no sketchbook, I dug around in my purse and found somebody’s business card. And on the back of it I drew a little picture, and then, bored traveler that I was, I generated enough doggerel to fill up the space around the sketch. There might have been a Bloody Mary involved or maybe it was the altitude; too hard to remember at this point. Here goes:

Next time: sharing my cowboy poetry.

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