Poodles on the Roof

Sometimes, there's no need for an explanation. It just is.

A spectacular warm evening tonight, so I put on my athletic togs and had a nice long walk, taking in the sights of early spring in Norman, Oklahoma. Crocuses and daffodils were coming up, quince buds ready to pop, and in the park near our house a brigade of the local Unicycle and Juggler’s Club was single-wheeling and triple-tossing in the balmy air.

As I turned down another tree-lined neighborhood I got a glimpse of what was- inexplicably- a dog on a roof. “cool” I thought. “a dog on a roof”. Strolling closer, I could see it wasn’t just any dog, it was a standard poodle. “Cool- a poodle on a roof”. Then it got better. There were two of them, both brown poodles- a matched brace of brown poodles. And then- wait for it- they were wearing matching yellow bandanas. I had a moment…I was in the presence of some mystery of the universe. The poodles were serene, unruffled, poised; they looked down their long noses at me. I basked in their disdain for a moment, turned and walked lightly away, feeling at one with unreality.

The big painting is finally complete. Here it's being shot by photographer Konrad Eek, in my basement, er, studio.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been updating Drawing the Motmot for the last few days, trying out things, taking them down again, trying other things, leaving them up. Sorry about the mess. But there’s more function now, and that means more fun. Check out the new drop-down menus with many, many sketchbooks. Now you can browse easel paintings, videos and sound clips, watch a gray-winged trumpeter interrupt my drawing session in the Amazon, listen to a tinamou sing in Panama. If I get brave I may add the infamous botfly video. More content will be added in the coming months, and I hope you’ll give me your feedback and tell me what you’d like to see here.  I’m all ears. Thanks for coming by!

"I've Heard That Song Before"; yellow rumped caciques, acrylic and graphite on birch panel, 60" x 48"

9 thoughts on “Poodles on the Roof

  1. The Blog Fodder says:

    feeling at one with unreality – a wonderful feeling. And such incredible art. I love your work. I followed you home from Murrmurr’s blog site. Where did your personal information go? It was there last week. Also the blurb for your Bluegrass album which I forwarded to my Canadian Bluegrass friends.

  2. Stefanie Graves says:

    Poodles, and other variety of dogs, are the norm in central Mexico where we have a second house. Some, unfortunately, live there and serve as a means of security. It’s not terribly thrilling to have a pit bull or some such growl and salivate at you from on high as you stroll past, wondering if they really would leap (or could). I call them living gargoyles.

  3. Becky says:

    Love your newly remodeled blog: all the sketchbooks, the paintings, the videos … “I’ve heard this song before” is amazing! Beautiful work — thanks for sharing with us.

  4. zeladoniac says:

    Blog Fodder: you will see a new “personal information” blurb as soon as I can put it up; I’ll also restore the All Girl Boys to their rightful place. Thank you for buying our cd!

    Her Ladyship: I think poodles are awesome, especially those big brown ones. You can imagine my excitement on seeing dogs that, if they were mine, would match my hair (I’ve been told I look like a poodle, without the dignity).

  5. Vicki Borycki says:

    “I’ve Heard that Song…” is breath taking! And I like the new format… easy to navigate with the drop downs. The light and plants remind me of your classes at Martin Nature Park last year. I enjoyed them so much. Thank you!! PS Hope I see the ‘poodles on parade’ soon… vicki

  6. Kathiesbirds says:

    Debby, “Poodles on the Roof” sounds like an excellent name for a band! Sounds like you have been busy and are having fun too! I am still trying to get my new blog all fixed up the way I want it but get so busy creating that I don’t have time to organize! I am sure you can relate! Love the painting.

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