Sketch of the Day: This wasn’t drawn in France

Not to toot my horn, but we should be sashaying around Montpellier, France, this evening.
Lure blowers atop a pedestal by Town Hall (Radhuset), Copenhagen. A “lure” is an ancient Norse horn, dating back to 1800 b.c. or so. That would be The Bronze Age, a substance which, as luck would have it, the statue is made out of. Although these lure players are truly awesome, today we should have been in Montpellier, followed by another two days in Arles. I could have sketched in the unsteady footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh. Or watched flamingoes and wild ponies from the nearby marshes of the Camargue, or haggled for sea salt and leather jackets in the open-air market of Arles. But Air France is experiencing a mashup of their own, mon Dieu! and cancelled all flights, c’est la vie. Instead, we will enjoy the gracious lure blowers and the rich pageantry of Danish life in the great city of Copenhagen. Rather than lollygagging unprofitably about in the south of France, I got my hair cut, bought light bulbs and found a pair of cute pink flip-flops, 50% off.
Had tea today in an 18th Century tea room. I think that was the last time they redecorated. It was founded as part of the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society in 1443. Honest. I love Copenhagen.
Also enjoyed a pot of jasmine tea this afternoon in a tea room dating back to the 18th Century, which, I think, was the last time they decorated. It’s within the Copenhagen Museum in a building once occupied by the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society, founded  back in 1443. Time just flew.


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