Sketch of the day: Vestamager Birch Forest

A fine stand of delicate birches fringe the edges of Vestamager, a big flat area of fields and marshes to the south of Copenhagen.
A fine forest of birches fringes the edge of Copenhagen’s Vestamager nature reserve. While we picnicked on rugbød (dense ryebread- a Danish staple) cheese and small hard sweet apples, Antman scribbled weighty thoughts in his notebook and let red dragonflies perch all over his body, and I sketched. Vestamager is a neighborhood in the south of Copenhagen, a landscape of meadow and marshes dotted with wild geese, fat woolly sheep and black and white belted cows. Also surprisingly close to the city and accessible by bike. We rode on wide asphalt paths and the awesome new pedestrian/bicycle bridge Cykelslangen-which just opened in August, and crossed the harbor on its gossamer curves. It’s a fine bridge, but don’t get caught behind a little girl on a tiny pink bike, unless you don’t mind blocking for her. Scariest two minutes of my day. Watercolor over pencil, Stillman & Birn 8 1/2″ x 11″ Alpha Series Sketchbook. Updated Note: that Cykelslangen video is wonderful and I did NOT take it- I just linked to it on Youtube.

4 thoughts on “Sketch of the day: Vestamager Birch Forest

  1. zeladoniac says:

    Thanks, Alan- your note got me looking at maps. I think our next ride might be around Roskilde Fjord, west of Copenhagen. As long as the weather is good!

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