Friday sketchbook: Musee d’Orsay, Paris




Amid the late 19th Century sculptures at the great Musee d’Orsay, a group of students sat drawing. From the marble figure of a young woman tenderly kissing the brow of a severed head (she was a Muse kissing inspiration into the mind of poet Andre Chenier, and hope I got that right) to a gorilla taking a struggling, buxom nude woman captive, (which was odd on so many levels and who knows- it might have inspired Edgar Rice Burroughs to write Tarzan) with a chipped flint in its big paw suggesting a tool- using simian culture, to the multi stone woman draping her white marble mantle over a fashionable skirt of polychrome travertine, well, the Muse was kissing many brows today.

The students, as it turns out, were taking a web design class at the University, with drawing as part of their curriculum. Bravo to the Professor and the University for bringing an essential visual skill to those students. And their sketches were awesome.

Happy Friday.

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