Sketch of the day: Paris au revoir

Our last day in Paris was spent in the Impressionism collection at the top floor of the Musee d’Orsay. Just walking through and seeing all the iconic works gave me gooseflesh: on the left, Manet’s picnic on the grass with that naked lady who looks you in the eye. On the right, Cezannes and Sisleys and a rich supply of Degas, with whom I’ve fallen in love all over again. Made lots of little pencil sketches, trying to figure out what makes a good painting tick. More about that later.

Afterwards Antman, looking a little shaggy, got himself seated in a traditional Parisian barber shop, and was clipped with finesse and aplomb. He came out looking wonderfully French. I approved.

Posting by iPhone is kind of clunky but I appreciate your readership and comments and wish I could have answered. We’ve just returned to Copenhagen and can resume our Nordic lifestyle. But we’ll be back to Paris one of these days. A bientot!


2 thoughts on “Sketch of the day: Paris au revoir

  1. Greg says:

    We were just at Musee d’Orsay a couple of weeks ago. It was an unreal experience being in the presence of all that Impressionist art.

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