Sketch of the Day: Four Days,Two Gardens, One Paris

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris. A place of calm and congeniality in the eye of the Parisian arts hurricane: the Louvre at one end, the Musee Orangerie at the other, Musee d'Orsay just across the Seine.
Jardin des Tuileries, a green haven of calm, congeniality and fountains with black-headed gulls (in winter plumage) and tilt-back chairs to collapse into when the head is full and the feet hurt. Antman and I shared a baguette and long blank stares at dancing water before setting off into the evening for more magnificence and a cozy dinner somewhere in Paris. Watercolor over pencil, 5″ x 8″ Moleskine sketchbook.
Meanwhile, at the Jardin des Plantes, further down along the Seine, the rose-ringed parakeets (introduced and thriving) chattered from the yews and wood pigeons picked at the tidy forbidden lawns (we got yelled at when Antman tried to pose with a statue of Lamarck and walked on the grass).
Meanwhile, at the Jardin des Plantes further down the Seine the rose-ringed parakeets (introduced) chattered from the yews. Wood pigeons picked at the tidy lawns, which are off-limits to human feet. The Jardin guards gave us a Warm French Scolding when Antman posed by the statue of Lamarck for me to take a picture. Which was not as pleasing as it sounds, trust me. Watercolor over pencil, 5″ x 8″ Moleskine sketchbook.

5 thoughts on “Sketch of the Day: Four Days,Two Gardens, One Paris

  1. zeladoniac says:

    Hi gaiamethod- it’s mostly just a lot of practice, with study behind it. So, it helps to learn anatomy, including bird anatomy if that’s what you’d like to do (check out the book,The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds). Study perspective drawing if you want to tackle architecture and street scenes. Your confidence will build with time and practice, but always be on the lookout for ways to improve your understanding of what you’re seeing. Thanks for your note!

  2. Will says:

    I love your drawings, and it is a real pleasure for me to follow your blog regularly. As a Frenchman, I am sorry for the behavior of the guards in the Jardin des Plantes. I hope their unwelcoming and disappointing attitude has not tarnished in your mind the memory of this place which I always found delightful since I was a kid!

  3. zeladoniac says:

    Dear Will- I’m touched by your thoughtful note. We loved Paris and were properly seduced by her charms. No need to worry over our encounter with the Jardin guards- we had trod upon Jardin’s beautiful grass, and they did their job with panache. We deserved to be busted. But we found another great statue in the garden to pose with- one of Antman’s heroes, the evolutionary theorist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829). And all was well.

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